599 Pennsylvania Ave.
            P O Box 425
            Pine Beach, NJ 08741

            732-341-2616 - Please call 9-1-1 for any emergency


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                                               Chief Matthew Petrecca -

                                               Sergeant Keith Brown -



Mission Statement and Core Values

The Pine Beach Police Department will commit its resources in partnership with the community to promote a safe and secure environment, free from crime and the fear of crime, to maintain order and provide for the safe and expeditious flow of traffic while practicing our core values.

The Pine Beach Police Department will be guided by our core values in pursuit of our mission. Our core values are:

PARTNERSHIP - We believe in a partnership of support between the police and the community that we serve. We will continue to strengthen that support by developing new outreach programs and expand existing ones.

INTEGRITY - We have committed ourselves to elevated standards of trust, responsibility and discipline while promoting justice in a fair and impartial manner. We will earn the trust, respect and support of the citizens through service with integrity to the community we serve.

NOBLE - We are proud of the reputation our department has built over the years and are committed to continuing this through diligence and hard work.

EXPERIENCE - We take great pride in creating a positive experience between our personnel and the community.

BENEVOLENT - We are dedicated to providing compassionate and caring service to the community we serve.

ETHICS - We will continue to build trust with our community and within our department through honesty and integrity in our decision-making. We guarantee to uphold the principles and values embodied in the constitutions of the United States and the State of New Jersey.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are proud of our profession and will ensure that our members are dedicated, highly trained and capable of handling the daily demands of the law enforcement profession. We promote a collaborative environment for sharing information, resources, assistance and expertise.

COURTEOUS - We provide service in a courteous, efficient, and accessible manner. We foster community and employee involvement through problem-solving partnerships, recognizing and responding with sincerity to those in need of our services.

HONOR - We are committed to the highest ideals of honor and integrity to maintain the respect and confidence of government officials, subordinates, the public and fellow police officers.




Pine Beach Police Department Early Warning System Information:   Early Warning System Revised 080318.pdf



If you are interested in working for the Pine Beach Police Department, please click here:  Pine Beach Recruitment Brochure.pdf



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