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Zoning Permit

Any additions which change the foot print of your home, accessory building (tool shed, detached garage, gazebo), pool or fence must have a Zoning Permit. Zoning permits can be sent or brought into Borough Hall during normal business hours.

A.     Nonresidential new construction:  $100.00

B.     Nonresidential renovations or alterations:  $100.00

C.     Residential new construction, renovation or addition: $100.00

D.     Fence:  $50.00

E.     Swimming Pools: $100.00

F.     Residential storage shed:  $50.00

G.    Escrow of $500.00 if there is one foot or more of soil disturbance or to the discretion of the zoning officer

H.    As Built survey review:  $50.00

I.       Any other project not listed above, Fee will be at the discretion of the zoning officer, not to exceed $100.00.

J.     Land Use Board Fees to be paid by the applicant as a condition for consideration of applications are fixed as follows:

(1)    Hearings pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-7a or b:  $200.00

(2)   Variance applications pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-7c.

(a)    If residential, $200.00 plus an additional $100.00 for a first bulk variance then $75.00 for each additional bulk variance which may be required.

(b)   If commercial, $300.00 plus an additional $150.00 for a first bulk variance, then $75.00 for each additional bulk variance which may be required.

(3)   Use variance applications pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-70d:  $300.00 plus an additional $150.00 if any bulk variances are required.

(4)   Minor subdivision applications:  $200.00 plus $50.00 for each new lot to be created.

(5)   Major subdivision applications:

(a)    Preliminary:  $500.00 plus $75.00 for each new lot created.

(b)   Final:  $500.00 plus $75.00 for each new lot created.

(6)   Minor site plan applications $275.00

(7)   Major site plan applications:

(a)     Preliminary:  $1,500.00 plus $100.00 per acre.

(b)   Final:  $500.00 plus $100.00 per acre

(8)   In addition to the fees set forth above, any applicant whose application will result in a change of the official Tax Map of the Borough shall pay the estimated cost of making such change as shall be estimated by the engineer retained by the Borough of maintenance of the Tax Map.

(9)   Inspection of site improvements by engineer; 3% of the cost of the improvements.

(10)           For any application for which a specific fee is not set forth above:  $200.00

(11)           Are applicants are required to deposit escrow funds at a minimum of $1,500.00, schedule as per Chapter 108, 108-12.

K.   Construction permits as per schedule established through the All Code Agreement for provision of construction code services.

To obtain a zoning permit, please provide the appropriate materials needed for approval at time of submission. A survey, plot plan, grading plan may be necessary for your project. Please contact the zoning department for specific requirements at GStocco@pinebeachnj.gov .

The Zoning Officer is available Wednesdays, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Please call ahead or email to set up an office hour appointment. His office is on the main level of the Borough Hall.

Zoning application with instructions

Set back schedule

Zoning map



The Borough of Pine Beach Land Use Board meets the first Thursday of every month.  Land Use Board Applications are available at Borough Hall.  Applications must be submitted 28 days before the meeting to be considered for review by the Board Engineer.


Land Use Board Application

Application for List of Property Owners within 200 Feet - Tax Assessor



In every New Jersey Community, every application for variance before a Municipal Land Use Board is subject to provisions of New Jersey State Land Use Act. Be advised, a Variance is a request for development or construction that is otherwise prohibited by local ordinance adopted pursuant to State Land Use Act.

An Applicant should have no expectation, nor should an Applicant believe there is a "right" that an application and plan for Variance presented to the local Land Use Board be approved in its entirety. Prior to, or during the application process, citizen members of the Land Use Board are expressly prohibited by law from discussing a proposed variance with the applicant or the applicant's professionals.

Each application deem complete will receive a hearing open to the public. Separate and apart from the elected Governing Body, the Land Use Board functions as a quasi-judicial body whose decisions are subject to appeal in the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey. If an Applicant is unfamiliar with the NJ Land Use Law, the Applicant should consult an Attorney.

The Applicant must present the Board with the legal proofs of "hardship" for granting the variance sought. The proofs of "hardship" are specifically prescribed in the LAW and responsibility of the Applicant, not the citizen-members of the Board, to identify and articulate.

An Applicant should always be prepared to discuss alternatives or alterations to the plans presented. The Board has no legal authorization to issue a building permit. Every approval, decision of the Board, is subject to a 45 day citizen appeal.

Appeals Go To: Ocean County Planning Board-129 Hooper Ave. P.O. Box 2191 Toms River, NJ 08754 732-929-2054.

Land Use Board Agenda and Minutes


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