Pine Beach Chapel
501 Hillside Ave. (Corner of Hillside & Huntington Aves.)
Pine Beach, N. J. 08741 _________________________________________________________________________

Sunday Service 

10:00 AM

For information please contact:

Pastor Allen Dorst




History (Condensed from “Pine Beach Yesterdays” by Stanley A. Heatley)

For nearly a century, the Chapel has been home to several different religious beliefs, even a school house for a period of time, So it would come as no surprise that today's Chapel is Non-Denominational and the spiritual home to many who come each Sunday.

Established on October 1, 1910 The Pine Beach Chapel was the result of effort put forth by Reverend August Pohlman, then pastor of the Temple Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Pohlman had built the first summer home in Pine Beach in 1909 and was among the first to feel the need for a house of worship in the new resort. Dr. Pohlman became the first pastor.

In the beginning, the Chapel was a “summer church” for “summer people” used by both Protestants and Catholics, and it was not until 1932 that it was put to year round use with a local resident pastor. All of the early pastors served without pay, and all of the trustees were summer people.

This Non-Denominational character of the church continues until today.  Our local community is proud of this Chapel's great history and pastoral support to our local residents.

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