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Household Hazardous Waste Program

Rid your home of potential hazards and protect the environment.  This is a free program sponsored by the Ocean County Board of Chosen Commissioners & the Department of Solid Waste Management.

Recycle Coach App


The Borough of Pine Beach is excited to announce a new recycling app available for all platforms. Just download "Recycle Coach" from the App Store or Google Play and receive all of the trash and recycling information to your digital device. Receive up to date reminders regarding your pick up and answers to any questions on what is recyclable and where you can recycle it.For more information or if you would like to download it, please click here:




Public Works is now accepting electronic equipment and residents may drop off anything with a cord or that takes batteries at the recycling yard. Please help DPW keep this service and put only electronic items in that bin.

 If you have any questions, you may call DPW at 732-240-0566.


Single Stream recyclables collected curbside must be placed loose into your recycling can. Plastic bags hamper sorting efficiency and damage processing equipment.  Strict policies have been instituted to address the quality of imported recyclables, by commodity purchasers. Shipments containing plastic bags and other contaminants are deemed unmarketable and are returned to the recycling agency.  

Plastic Bags should be returned to local supermarkets as they are recycled by the store.

 Remember, place rinsed food container cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles/jars (the neck of the plastic being smaller than the base of the plastic), newspapers, corrugated cardboard, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, paperback books, and empty non-toxic aerosol cans ONLY, into your recycling can loose do not place recyclables in any type of bag.

Homeowners may drop off leaves or recycling at the Borough Yard, Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 2 PM.

Yard is also open for these items on select Saturdays, please refer to the Recycling Calendar for more information.

No leaves, brush or bulk trash in the robo-cans per Borough Ordinance. 

 Any problems with garbage or recycling please call 732-240-0566

Remember - Green cans are for household trash only and all trash in robo-cans must be bagged.

Bulk will not be accepted at the yard as the yard is not a dump site, it's a recycling facility .


Leaves: Public Works will make every effort to pick up your leaves as quickly and efficiently as possible, we are, however asking our residents to please make note of the following guidelines to help make this happen.  Large bags for leaves and small bags for mulched leaves.  We will not pick up bags bigger than the 50-gallon plastic type.  Please do not over stuff mulched leaves in a large bag.  This causes the bag to break when lifting. Do not put brush, large clippings, stones or dirt in the bags, it not only makes the bags heavier than they need to be and they tend to rip easier. Do not tie the tops of the bags, instead, please fold the bags and tape the tops with masking tape.  This will not only keep the water out of the bags but will save time in emptying them into the truck.  Tied bags will be cut open. No leaves or brush in the Robo cans per Borough Ordinance.  Leaves are a recyclable resource.  When they go into the trash, they cost the Borough money and waste valuable space in the landfill.  Your trash will not be picked up with recyclable material in the green cans.

Batteries: Effective immediately, per Ocean County Solid Waste Management, we will no longer be recycling regular household batteries.  You are able to throw them out with the regular household trash.  Button and rechargeable batteries are recyclable and may be brought to the Borough Yard. 

The Electronic Waste Management Act (N.J.S. A 13:1E-99. et seq.)

We can no longer accept E-Waste at the Borough Yard.  Residents of Ocean County may bring any electronics to the Ocean County Recycling Facility located at 601 New Hampshire Ave., Lakewood NJ, 732-367-0802.  Please click here for more information: 


  • Please place garbage cans where the garbage truck can have no trouble reaching them. Please make sure no cars, trees or other obstructions are blocking access.
  • Cans cannot be overflowing and tops must be closed completely, so we can get all contents in the truck.
  • Place curbside the night before and remove before the evening.


Single Stream Recycling

Recyclable Materials: Recycling rules have changed over the last year with the implementation of single stream recycling. The New Jersey Statewide Recycling Enhancement Act mandates that each municipality provide for the removal of recyclables from the solid waste stream in order to:

-          Reduce the volume of solid waste in landfills

-          Conserve vital, natural resources

-          Save energy

In compliance with the revenue sharing agreement with Ocean County Recycling, Division of Solid Waste, separation of recyclables is NO longer necessary. This single stream collection will make recycling easier, more convenient and more efficient.

Curbside recycling collection includes: All rinsed glass, plastic bottles, metal cans and lids, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, magazines, brown bags, catalogs, junk mail, paperback books, and empty non-toxic aerosol cans.

All of these items may be placed together for collection in the same container. Although the borough previously provided recycling containers for automated collection this method is no longer utilized due to the implementation of single stream. You may continue to utilize the grey recycling cans if you wish but these cans were not designed for single stream recycling and are extremely small. You may if you choose, purchase any 35 gallon trash container with detachable lid in which you may place all recyclable items together for pickup and in fact we encourage everyone to do so.

There is no limit to the amount of recycling cans that you may place out. Recyclables will continue to be picked up on a biweekly basis (see schedule for detail). Recyclable items must not be tied, bundled together or bagged and must be in an approved container. You may also bring these items to the borough recycling yard if you wish, during normal business hours and on posted Saturdays. Please do not purchase the automated type cans sold in hardware stores as they will not work with our tipping equipment.

Please see here for further information on what is acceptable and not acceptable for recycling:  What Can Be Recycled.pdf

Metal items:  A metal recycling dumpster is provided at the borough yard for residents to drop of recyclable metal items during normal business hours. Accepted items include appliances (remove doors), BBQs, swing sets and most other items consisting of metal.


  • Grass clippings may be placed in the green can and put out on garbage days.
  • Brush and leaves will be accepted at the Borough Yard.
  • Brush should be bundled in 3 to 4 foot lengths

Full, partially full and empty paint cans are accepted at the Northern Recycling Center, New Hampshire Ave., Lakewood Monday through Saturday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Phone-732-367-0802. Our recycling facility cannot accept them.

Our recycling facility cannot accept these please contact Ocean County Hazardous Disposal Program.

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